Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Trick-or -Treat"

We went to Rachel and Max's to take the kids trick or treating. They had a great time. My brother Brett came to join in on the fun and even dressed up as a "mexicano". Jared was a frog again and Alex was a duck (pond animals). Elizabeth was a bunny and Paige was a black cat, who had to hold her tail when she walked otherwise it would hit her feet.

Alex liked holding his calderon until he got a piece of candy in it and then it was too heavy for him. Jared would actually say "Trick or treat" this year. He would say "thank you" and exclaim "yummy candy" and laugh as he ran to the next house. Robbie had to tell Jared more than a few times to only take one piece of candy. Most people let them pick their candy and after they had all taken a piece he would try and sneak one more. Alex did a great job, getting lots of candy for his mommy. ;) Let's be honest, he is 7 months...who else is going to eat it?

When we got back to Rachel's they enjoyed seeing all the candy they had collected. The adults enjoyed eating some yummy potato soup Rachel had made, which helped warm us up after walking around on a chilly evening.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

BYU vs. Colorado State

Jared and Robbie were given the opportunity (by Robbie's advisor, Dr. Ringger) to attend the BYU vs. Colorado State football game today (11/3/07). The purpose was to allow a visiting student, Xingfu Wang, to experience American culture through American football. It just so happened that Aimee was also present at the game after having been invited to visit BYU campus for recruiting.

You would think that in a sold-out crowd there would be no way that you would ever see anyone you knew. Well, we saw President Ehad (2nd counselor in the stake presidency), Miles (our neighbor), Dr. Morse, and the Ruggles (who might not have attended the game, but for walking on campus as I drove by)! Crazy, huh?

Jared thoroughly enjoyed the BYU game. He wouldn't stop saying ,"gooooooooo cougars!" (even when we weren't singing the cougar fight song). He frequently said, "marcas, listos, fuera!" (marks, set, go!) when either team was ready to hike the ball. Those sitting around us were thoroughly entertained, as is usually the case when Jared is around.