Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rosarito Mexico 2008

Last week we spent the week in Rosarito, Mexico with Robbie's family. We had an amazing time and are so grateful that Robbie's parents treated us to such a fun family vacation. We drove the 12 hours over 2 days so it wasn't too bad. The kids were actually quite good, and it helped that we had Josh sitting next to Jared, since Josh is his favorite. You can see all of the pictures from our trip by clinking the link "Family Photo Gallery" on the top right of the screen. Here are some of the highlights of our trip.

As we traveled south on I-15 we saw the most vibrant rainbow I think I have ever seen. It was gorgeous.

The boys were great on our 12 hours journey to Mexico!

Here we are about to cross the border. It took a few seconds to cross into Mexico, but coming back it took over 2 hours! I wonder why?

Alex loves jumping off the ledge. We have to make sure though he is close to it, because often times he will be too far back and just start falling forward. He loved swimming and would ask to go whenever he saw the water.

Grandma Ann got Jared these "chido" (cool in Spanish) dolphin "googles" (how Jared says goggles). He wore them all the time, even when we weren't swimming.

And of course, the boogie boarding. I don't participate in this. The Pacific is way too cold for me. I thought about getting in for a second when Robbie's mom and dad got in, and I have never seen them get in the other 2 years we have come here, and Robbie's mom doesn't even get in in Cancun. But then, when I was taking pictures the water cam up about mid-calf and it almost took my breath away it was so cold, and my feet ached because of the cold. I have no idea how Robbie and his family can do it. They say you just go numb after awhile. Anyways, Robbie had a good time trying to catch a wave in.

Jared loved playing in the sand and making animals and temples (sand castles).

Jared and I made a sea turtle.

Alex shared the same sentiment I did on the ocean. This is him running away from the water.

It is a family tradition to go to this great restaurant called La Fonda. They have these great flour tortilla chips and salsa and a view of the ocean where we always see dolphins.

This year the dolphins really put on a show for us swimming in the waves and jumping out of them. It was great and screamed like a little school girl it was so exciting.

All of a sudden all of the boogie boarders got out of the water. JAWS had appeared. Robbie's dad and sister Aimee both thought they saw a shark. It swam straight and never came up for air, so let's just say no one got in the rest of the day and the next day they got it after they saw some dolphins swimming nearby and deemed it safe to go in. No one wanted to watch Jaws then until after we left Mexico. I can't imagine why.

Alex usually spent his beach time taking a nap. Isn't he precious?

Jared and Robbie watching the boogie boarders.

Uncle Josh bought Jared a popsicle which he thoroughly enjoyed.

My niece Mylah (with her mom Jennie) is tougher than me and absolutely loved playing in the ocean. She would get so excited and jump and kick her legs when the waves came. Look at that bathing beauty!

She also loved the sand and decided to try some. Every day though she would eat less. Here she just ate some sand and thought she would follow that up with her cousin Alex's toes. She is such a cutie!

The boys had fun playing frisbee. And they say white men can't jump...

We finally got Jared to run out of the ocean.

The family on our morning walk.

Our last morning walk on the beach. This year was a lot better since Jared would actually walk on the sand. He really enjoyed the beach. Alex liked riding on Papi's back and would get the backpack in the mornings to tell us he wanted to go.

The gorgeous waves we enjoyed for a whole week in Rosarito, Mexico. It was a great year for dolphins. We saw them every day. I absolutely loved it!