Monday, January 26, 2009

Back together at last!

I know I have been known to not post for a few months, but this time it wasn't my fault, I swear! My computer started getting blue screens the week before Thanksgiving and basically stopped working. It took two months, many phone calls to HP's customer service, 2 sets of system recovery CDs which revealed the problem wasn't a software problem, which Robbie and I already knew, and finally sending in the computer over Christmas break, I have finally been reunited with my lovely laptop. They replaced almost everything, except for the screen, webcam, and hard drives, so we have been getting to know each other again this last week. I couldn't post because I couldn't get to my pictures, and what is a post without pictures? Now that we are back together I have been able to upload all of the pictures we took over the holidays and get my photoshop album all organized and photos tagged, and thanks to free shipping at Snapfish I was able to get most of the pics printed so I can get the kids photo albums up to date. I have just a little over 2 months to get that done and Alex's first year scrapbook, another reason it was such a huge inconvenience to be without my computer. I am so happy to have it back. "They" always say not to buy the extended warranty, but Robbie and I have decided to extend the warranty since practically everything was replaced and would have cost us more than buying a new computer.

Rah! Rah! Rah! Go Cougars!

This year we decided to splurge and we bought All Sport Passes so that we could enjoy many of the sporting events BYU has to offer. We thought it would be a great way to spend time as a family and the boys loved it! The first few games we died of heat, but luckily none of the games were in the bitter cold. We got seats by my brother Brett, and occasionally my sister Melanie would come and visit us in our section.

Our seats were in the North end zone and we enjoyed seeing a lot of touch downs scored there.

Jared, Alex, and Aunt Melanie

Jared belting out the fight song.

Robbie and Alex

Alex loves his brother Jared so much!

We always had to sneak in lots of treats to keep Alex happy for the 3 - 4 hour games. If he wasn't eating he was flirting with whatever cute girls were sitting near us that week.

The whole fam enjoying the game!

Since a lot of the games were in the afternoon Alex would miss his nap. He would fall asleep in the last few minutes of the game sometimes and this time he fell asleep while sitting on Robbie's shoulders as we walked to our car.

Alex and Robbie

Jared and Uncle Brett

Jared singing the fight song the first home game of the season.

Alex finally caught on by the last home game and really started getting into it. He even joins in when the crowd cheers "First Down".

Jared loves, I mean LOVES, singing the Cougar Fight Song! He will break out in song daily. Over Thanksgiving he would run around Robbie's parents' house with his hand in the air, as if he were carrying a flag shouting the song. The good aunt Aimee is, she made Jared a fabulous flag for him to run around with.

However, after he saw a BYU quilt that Grandma and Grandpa have he noticed that the B-Y-U letters she had made with duct tape were not exactly the same font as the ones on the blanket and we had a meltdown. She did her best, but it was still not good enough for him. There was no consoling until Uncle Josh made him one on the computer.