Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Little Slugger

Robbie took Jared to the clubhouse to play some baseball in the racquetball courts and he was actually able to hit some pitches. I guess the Wii is paying off!

(PS I couldn't get the video to rotate and still have sound after several hours of trying)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On the Go!

Alex is our little go getter. He is always on the move exploring everything around him. Here he is trying to help me with the dishes.

1.23.08 Alex is cruising around now, going from one
piece of furniture to another to get what he wants.

1.27.08 Alex likes walking around with help. He even stood by himself for a second.

1.27.08 Alex doesn't like the feel of the cold hard tile on his legs, so he crawls around like a monkey. We sure get a kick out of it. He looks so cute with his bum up in the air.

Tres Anos

Happy Birthday! I'm 3!

Jared wanted an Elmo cake again this year for his birthday. He loves Elmo and really enjoys playing games with him on

Grandma Jean gave him a dinosaur that growls and walks. Jared loved it, but I think Alex might like it even more. He took after it and started growling. It was really cute.

Jared successfully blew out all of his candles this year all by himself. (Last year he was afraid of them.)

Mylah Elianna Twitchell was blessed on Jared's birthday, so we celebrated up at Aunt Jennie and Uncle Vance's place. Jared and Alex love their new beautiful cousin.

Jared had a great birthday and is really good at answering the question "How old are you?" and "Cuantos anos tienes?" He also has mastered holding up his three fingers. His grandparents spoiled him with a lot of great gifts, which he appreciates very much. I can't believe I have a three year old. He is growing so fast and getting "bigger and bigger" as he tells me almost daily. I love him so much!

Jared is Potty Trained!

1.21.2008 I'm potty trained! This process began last summer and we celebrated Jared's success at Chuck E. Cheese after he finished filling out his sticker chart.

7.15.2007 Jared earned a sucker for going #2 on the toilet for the first time.

8.25.07 I would like to thank all the big people for helping me get to this point in my life of overcoming my fear of going #2 on the toilet.

9.1.2007 Jared is wearing pull ups now. We had to add some more incentive to help Jared. He went to a birthday part at Chuck E. Cheese back in May and he said that he wanted to go there. We made a deal that if he could fill out his sticker chart that we would take him. Getting gum and candy after each visit to the potty resulted in sometimes just wanting to go for the gum and candy or not going because he didn't want any. Some mornings he would cry saying "all done potty". It was like he thought it was something he only had to do once. I told him "sorry Jared, but this is something you will do many times a day, every day for the rest of your life", and then he would cry. We tried for a couple of weeks, but he was never staying dry. When we put him in underwear he had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes and Jared and mom were getting sick of spending their life in the bathroom. Mom went back to the books and realized that he met all the requirements for readiness except keeping a dry diaper for at least 2 hours. So we took a break, although he did continue to go #2 in the potty. Thank goodness our efforts weren't all in vain!

Skee-ball for toddlers

Uncle Josh, Jared, and Grandma
I love pepperoni pizza!

I'm a big boy now! Am I big enough to drive?

Aunt Aimee showed Alex around and helped him play all the fun games.

We started again the week before Christmas. Alex was sick with Bronchiolitis and we couldn't leave the house, so there couldn't have been a better time to train him. He did great having only a few accidents. It took about a month for him to fill out his chart for going #1 and staying dry (21 days to make a habit). We wanted to make sure that after the reward of going to Chuck E. Cheese he didn't revert back.

We are so very proud of Jared for meeting this milestone and frankly I am very proud of myself for making it through this milestone too, little yelling and frustration to my surprise.